Post Trial Motion

Glenwood Springs Post Conviction Appeal Lawyer Beth Krulewitch

Every appeal brief tells a story, and appellate courts need to be persuaded just as juries do. The success of a criminal or civil appeal often depends not only on the quality of your legal research, but on a single compelling argument that persuades the judges that your view is correct under the law and supports sound public policy.

Beth Krulewitch is a trial and appellate attorney in practice since 1987 and recognized with a Champion of Justice Award from the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in 1998. Her attorney colleagues turn to her for assistance with virtually any type of civil or criminal appeal in Colorado state and federal courts. Our founder’s track record of success is a result of persuasive arguments and presentations of her clients’ cases that present the information in the best possible light.

As an appellate lawyer for more than 20 years, Beth Krulewitch is skilled in reinvestigating cases, identifying rediscovered evidence and attacking the constitutionality of the original conviction. She understand the difference between the advocacy required to promote a single client’s interests and the arguments needed to persuade appellate courts.

The founder of our firm has handled a broad array of appeals in both civil and criminal cases, obtaining results in reported cases before the Colorado Court of Appeals, the Colorado Supreme Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit.

Expert Legal Research And Writing Skills Combined With Talented Advocacy
Excellent research and writing skills are essential to presenting a successful appeal, but they are not enough. Beth Krulewitch’s strength in appellate work is based on more than her expertise in legal research and writing — it is founded on her ability to tell a persuasive story. Every trial tells a story. The same thing is true of every appeal brief.

Post Trial Motion

What sets Beth Krulewitch apart is the combination of both extensive trial and appeal experience. She is a trial lawyer that knows trials and how to influence judges and juries. She understands trial strategy and persuasion. She knows how to identify and preserve issues for appeal, and she knows how to prove on appeal that those issues were, in fact, preserved.

Beth Krulewitch is both passionate about her Aspen post trial and post conviction motion work and confident that her efforts produce results for your clients. For assistance with an appeal, contact her by email or call 888-386-7578 to arrange a free consultation. With offices in Denver and Aspen, she can represent clients and co-counsel with attorneys throughout Colorado.

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