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As National Distracted Driving Awareness Month comes to an end, the National Safety Council would like for motorists to respect the dangers of distracted driving all year long. We recently reported on our Truck Accident Lawyers Blog about an unfortunate fatal trucking accident that took the life of a driver. Police are still investigating to see if the driver was operating his vehicle while distracted. They’re also investigating to see if he could have been asleep at the wheel.truck accident attorneysClick here for more information @

Our Texas truck accident lawyers would like to stress the importance of putting away all distractions while operating a motor vehicle. This advice is particularly critical for truck drivers.

The National Safety Council (NSC) was behind the events of National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, as were the safety advocates at FocusDriven. Both organizations used the entire month to promote safe driving habits by discouraging the use of cell phones and other distracting behavior while driving. The NSC reported that there are nearly 12 times as many accidents that involve cell phone use as text messaging.

The safe driving advocates believe that National Distracted Driving Awareness Month is a perfect opportunity for employers to implement no cell phone policies. Rules regarding cell phone use and other distractions while driving would make a great impact on the risk of a trucking accident. The NSC has provided employers with a Cell Phone Policy Kit to help your company get started.

The U.S. government recently announced a ban on texting by drivers of large commercial vehicles in an attempt to avoid the dangers of distracted driving. The new ban comes with fines of up to $2,750. A ban on hand-held cell phones is in the works.

“We want the drivers of big rigs and buses and those who share the roads with them to be safe.” “This is an important safety step and we will be taking more to eliminate the threat of distracted driving.”

As officials continue to throw bans on drivers of various vehicles, there is no doubt that distracted driving includes other activities. Distracted driving can include messing with the radio, talking to passengers, or using GPS devices or maps. It is not until all drivers make a conscious effort to practice alert and focus driving habits that we will all see a significant decrease in serious and fatal accidents on our roadways.

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Setting Up A Subsidiary Of A US Based Company: A How-To

Image That Represents the Types of Business Entities.

The Various Kinds Of Business Entities In India

At present, there are a number of business entities that can be set up in India. The most common are listed below:

• Private Limited Company
• Public Limited Company
• Unlimited Company
• Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
• Partnership
• Sole Proprietorship
• Representative Office
• Project Office
• Branch Office
• Joint Venture Company
• Subsidiary Company

When it comes to setting up a business of a US-based company in India, both foreign and Indian promoters can do so. The types of business entities they can incorporate are:

· Private Limited Company
· Public Limited Company
· Limited Liability Partnership
· Unlimited Company
· Partnership
· Sole Proprietorship

A foreign company like one based out of the United States can also opt for the following categories, instead of setting up a complete company:

· Liaison Office/Representative Office
· Project Office
· Branch Office
· Joint Venture Company

It should be noted that a JV company is not considered as a distinct legal entity, which Image That Shows The Concept of Private Limited why it can only be a:

· Private firm
· Public company
· Unlimited company

A similar restriction is placed on a completely owned subsidiary of a US based company in India. These can be:

· Branch Office
· Unlimited Company
· Private Limited Company
· Public Limited Company

The Most Popular Form Of Company In India

While there are many options available for a US based company to set-up shop in India, the most opted one is a Private Limited firm. The reason for this is the high popularity of the business entity in the country. For a foreign company to incorporate a Pvt. Ltd. firm, they need to:

· Have two shareholders
· Have two directors of which one must be a resident of India

The foreign holding company can have 100% shares of the Indian private limited firm. To fulfil the necessity of a minimum of two shareholders, one share can be given to the nominee of the foreign establishment.

The current government has made incorporating a wholly-owned subsidiary in India fast and hassle-free. The entire process can be completed online with minimal disruption. It also ensures that the promoters of the company or the nominees needn’t fly back and forth to India to setup the business entity.

If the parent company in the US has a Trademark Registration and they want to use the same for their Indian subsidiary, it is possible. To get the name approved the parent company has to prove no objection which can be done through Board resolution. They also need to submit a trademark registration certificate. Do note that the registered trademark can be in India, US or anywhere else.

All foreign investors or shareholders, be it corporate or individual, need to gain approval from the Government before Investing in India. In a few instances, the approval of the following may also be required:

· Foreign Investment Promotion Board
· Reserve Bank of India

There are some business sectors that gain automatic approval under the RBI.

Picking The Right Business Entity Is Vital

Picking The Right Business Entity Is Vital

Being a foreign investor, choosing the precise business entity to incorporate in India is vital. It guarantees that the entity suits your purpose while ensuring that there are no tax planning or liability problems. To save taxes within the purview of international tax treaties and Indian laws, a US based company who wishes to setup a business in India should consider focusing on corporate structure and Entry Strategies in India for Foreign Investors.

While establishing a business in India by a foreign company is possible online, there are some conditions that needed to be fulfilled before and after incorporation. For example, the directors will need to obtain:

· Director Identification Number (DIN)
· Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

Therefore, it is always recommended to take the advice of legal experts before taking any step for establishing a subsidiary or branch of a foreign company in India. They will be better able to serve you on restrictions and conditions placed on such business entities such as sweat equity.

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Car Accident Lawyers

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If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, motorcycle accident, or truck accident, we provide tips on steps you can take now to protect your legal rights, information on fault issues in motor vehicle accident cases, and an overview of what to expect in a lawsuit arising from a vehicle accident.

Automobile accidents probably account for more deaths each year than any other type of accident, and cost people and insurance companies billions of dollars in losses each year. All you have to do is listen to the radio. Even non-fatal crashes yield hospital expenses, loss of work, loss of enjoyment of life and loss of property.

If someone is severely injured or killed or if one or both of the drivers was intoxicated at the time of the accident, your state is likely to prosecute the person at fault. However, basic automobile accident personal injury lawsuits are the most common type of court case. How much you can be awarded when you’ve lost property, have extensive injuries and sky-high medical bill is most often determined by the court.

There are a number of documents that you will need prior to filing your claim, and there are also certain things that you must do before the case against the other side is commenced. Prior to filing your claim it is vital that you have checked your insurance policy to ensure that you know the extent of your coverage. This will inform you as to whether or not the insurers will pay for a replacement vehicle, if necessary, whether they will pay your medical expenses (dependent on state laws), and the extent of the information you will need to disclose to them in relation to your employment and medical histories.

After suffering a car accident injury, an attorney might be the last place you would look for assistance. However, an attorney can provide more help than most individuals realize.

Attorneys and doctors who treat auto accident victims often work closely together. While this relationship is often criticized, it exists for the good of the patient. Doctors know how to best treat a patient and attorneys understand how to obtain compensation for the patient’s treatments and the doctor’s findings on permanent disability and future medical care. Because of this, many attorneys are able to refer their clients to physicians in the area that will address their needs in a manner that will later be usable as evidence in negotiations or litigation.

Similarly, attorneys are able to refer their clients to experts that are able to evaluate and later testify about the patient’s injuries. In many states, experts must be certified as such by the bar or medical associations as well as the court prior to being able to provide testimony. An attorney will know which physicians in the area are recognized experts that will later be usable in court, if necessary. Furthermore, experts often charge high up-front fees for their evaluation and testimony which an attorney might be able to negotiate to a lower rate to save the patient money.

Another important task that falls within attorney expertise is the valuation of a client’s injuries. An attorney will consider the type of injury, its location and permanence, the amount of fault attributable to the party himself when making a preliminary value estimate of the case. Subsequently, an attorney will research to determine the average damage awards for similar injuries in your area to better identify the value of your injuries and potential compensation.

Few physicians will provide services for free, making it essential that an injured party have adequate funds to finance his treatment. An attorney can assist his client with obtaining interim compensation to pay doctors for his treatment prior to the finalization of his case. If you have been injured in an auto accident and are considering filing a claim or lawsuit, seek legal advice. A car accident lawyer will review the facts of your case and identify those issues with which his expertise may be helpful to you.