Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Attorney

Following a serious accident that results in catastrophic, life-changing injuries, you need an attorney skilled in more than settling your claim. Complex personal injury cases require a skilled litigator who prepares cases for trial. Beth Krulewitch is not an attorney who is quick to settle, nor does she shy away from resolving personal injury claims in the courtroom.

Since 1998, the Law Office of Beth Krulewitch has represented Colorado residents victimized by negligent acts that have left them seriously injured. Beth Krulewitch and Gerash Steiner, of counsel to the firm, focus their practice of personal injury on the following:

  • Medical malpractice
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Skiing accidents

The Need For A Skilled And Experienced Aspen Auto Accident Lawyer

Personal injury claims are legally complex and emotionally charged. While medical care comes first, representation from a compassionate, yet aggressive personal injury attorney can make a key difference in securing the compensation you need. Insurance adjusters are quick to contact accident victims to secure a quick settlement. Before speaking to anyone, place a call to our law firm. We will speak on your behalf.

Maximizing compensation starts with attending to every detail in building a fact-based and persuasive personal injury claim. The smallest oversight — such as missing a deadline — can result in your case being thrown out of court, leaving you without hope of financial compensation for your injuries.