Civil and Criminal Cases

Building a compelling legal argument — one that is properly constructed and persuasive to juries — requires expert legal research, writing and presentation skills.

A trial lawyer who thinks like an appellate lawyer, it is that unique skill set that Beth Krulewitch brings to each and every case. Trained in the trenches of the Colorado Public Defender system, Beth is an aggressive advocate, who knows how to build a persuasive case and present it in the most persuasive manner. For over 20 years, Beth has represented clients accused of crimes, from murder to DUIs.

On the civil side, where a case is often won or lost, settled or tried, on the determination of a legal issue, Beth’s ability as a brief writer enables her to take the most complicated set of facts, and articulate it in writing in an understandable and compelling manner. Beth writes her briefs not to impress, but to persuade. Her experience as an appellate lawyer brings with it an ability to anticipate and drive the legal theories and defenses that will drive your case, and the know-how to create an evidentiary record, so that if you do end up on appeal, any potential appellate issues are powerfully preserved.

Trial and appellate attorney Beth Krulewitch has represented clients at trial and on appeal in both civil and criminal cases. The Attorneys represents people facing criminal charges in Colorado state and federal courts. From offices in Denver and Aspen, the firm represents clients and works as co-counsel with attorneys throughout Colorado. Contact the firm to arrange a free consultation.

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